Gangos – Your Networks Reveal Your Networth

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This book navigates the power of social capital and the different steps one has to consider to activate their dream. As you delve through the pages of this educative and inspirational handbook, you will be empowered to charge up for your dream in ways more than you can imagine

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You will learn how to cultivate great relationships and how to leverage these relationships to create great strides towards the achievement of your dreams. Using a template of her own success in both life and career, Remmie strips herself to reveal to us what it takes to build an idea, dream or business from inception to fruition including;
incubating your dream, how to deal with the unknown, handling disappointments, and much more. She then crowns it with a ten-step staircase to breathe life into your dream and over fifteen testimonial case studies of amazing women who have walked the talk and met great success using these tested and proven techniques.


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